A Letter To My Wounded Child

Hugh Davis Lester and Hugh Thomas Hodges, c. 1940.

A few months after Joan died I wrote this letter to my Inner Child. I re-read it frequently during the next several months. It was very comforting.

My Dearest Child,

I know you are hurting and you cry a lot. It’s OK to cry. I feel sorry for you. Your pain is very real, for you have been abandoned by the most important person in your life, your Lover, the woman of your dreams, your protector. You do not and cannot understand why you were left alone and I cannot explain it to you. You were just abandoned and nothing that I say can take away that fact. Life is sometimes hard and this is one of those hard times.

But, please know that I love you, I will care for you and nourish you and comfort you. You are very important to me. I will not abandon you – I will always be here. Please believe me that your pain and tears will gradually lessen.  You will never forget your Lover – she will always be in your memory. Try to remember the good times you had with her, the moments of joy and happiness, the times you laughed together, the times you walked hand-in-hand, the trips you took together. Those good memories will help sustain you in the days and months ahead.

I love you,

Your Parent

I read this letter to a grieving friend of mine a few months ago. She asked, “Is this a letter from God?”


About Hugh Thomas Hodges

I am a retired college teacher who lives on the San Francisco Peninsula.
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2 Responses to A Letter To My Wounded Child

  1. Norman Abshear says:

    Hello Tom Hodges I doubt you will remember me. I was in your history class and one or two others. I was also in your backpacking class. I got to thinking about your recently as I came back from a 3 mile hike. I run a hiking group on meetup.com. I also recently got my teaching credential in math after 18 years in the computer field. So how are you sorry to hear about your late wife and my belated condolences. My email is norman@abshear.com. Later Norman Abshear

  2. Thank you for your response. I do remember your name, but, alas, I cannot put a face to it. It was always one of my hopes that students who took my backpacking class or were in the Alpine Hikers of El Camino would “pass it on” to others. You have done so. Thanks. Good luck to you in teaching, it’s a noble profession. … Tom

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